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Posted 4/4/01

Ricky Martin To Peform @ Blockbuster Awards

Ricky Mrtin is supposed to perform at the 7th annual Blockbuster Awards scheduled for Wed. April 11th on FOX at 8:00pm ET/PT. The show is scheduled for taping on April 10.

J. Lo and Ricky Martin may update ''Viva Las Vegas''

LA VIVA LOCA Warner Bros. is developing a remake of the 1964 Elvis Presley - Ann Margret classic, ''Viva Las Vegas,'' with another hip hip swiveler in mind: Ricky Martin. Producer Lisa Tornell says the screenwriter, Jason Schafer (''trick'') is ''starting from scratch, [focusing on] a Puerto Rican singer who comes to Las Vegas to make it big,'' adding that, ideally, she'd love J. Lo to get down with the project, too. Meanwhile, Martin has also been mentioned for a role in ''Dirty Dancing 2,'' which Artisan and Miramax are continuing to develop; producer Lawrence Bender (''The Mexican'') has recently joined the project.

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Show
Posted 3/26/01

Ricky has been nominated as Favorite Male Singer for this year's Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards which will be held on Sat, April 21st in Los Angeles, CA. Check your local listings.

Contributed by Anonymous


There is no guaruntee that any of this is true so don't believe everything you read.



According to the Buzz in my newspaper (Courier Journal) Ricky is dating 26 year old Latvian model Ines Misan. (see picture) It's rumored they met 6 months ago. If this is true, I wish you both happiness and the best of luck.

For more pictures and the full story, CLICK HERE!

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