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Awards and Nominations
This page shows you the awards Ricky has won, currently I DO NOT have the nominations up b/c it would take a long time to type!

This page is self-explanatory- the biography of Ricky!

Club Ricky Martin Madness
This page contains the link to my website club at yahoo.

Contact Me
This page gives you contact info on me.

Contains ALL of Ricky's CDs including La Historia.

Facts and Info
Has tiny tidbits on Ricky

From the Mouth of Ricky
This page has quotes.

A fun page that gives Ricky's horoscope!

Ricky Martin interviews!

This page tells you where to SEND any Ricky items you would like to submit.

Message Board
Self Explanatory

News and Gossip
Contains news and gossip on Ricky

Message From the Webmaster
This is a message from me.

Picture Gallery
HAHA I hope you really don't need to know what this one is about!

Picture of the Month
Contains the picture of the month.

Poll of Month
Contains the Poll of the month

Related Links
Links to Ricky Websites

Song of the Month
The lyrics to a specific song

Win My Award
Gives you info on my award you can win

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