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2001 Horoscope

There are some strong outer changes being brought around this year in your life, Capricorn, and it starts off with a focus on your career and your abilities to connect and move your life via this important part of your chart. There are new friendships...and new dreams to capture your attention and a period of deep introspection and reflection that allows you to catch up with everything that has happened over the last few years of your life.
Two total eclipses..one solar and one lunar all radiate through your realm of partnerships and commitments and promise some much needed change, renewal and growth. Emotions come into play and allowing yourself the freedom to experience what you are feeling and assimilating through your heart (and your soul) promise you a new sense of commitment. What you care about is a very important focus point to use for clarity..and understanding. These are Cancerian eclipses full of fluid emotions and empathy. They put an emphasis on those qualities and assets that are not easily defined with logic and common sense. Joyful...deep...and fulfilling possibilities are all on the agenda through out the year with peaks at eclipse times and the transits that subsequently follow them.
You can always do 'what needs to be done' and come to one form of success or another, Capricorn. Given a mission, a goal or a project that makes sense to you lights your ability to put your amazing inner strength and discipline to use. But can you do what you long and desire to do and take it to success? That is the question for the year ahead. Can you look around the common sense barrier and believe in the impossible? Can you plop a dream goal on the horizon and make your way towards it for no other reason that it has captured your heart? This is the route towards financial security...and even abundance during this forecast period. It isn't so much about doing what you 'have' to....it's about creating a way to do what you 'want' to do.

The Best of Times and Good Luck.
Jupiter brings its rewards into the 'way you do your life', the detail side of your career and it sends in appreciation and gifts for a job well done. Coworkers are supportive and might be turning into life-pals. Then it moves off to throw even more influence into that already active realm of commitments and partnerships. With the emphasis on your ability to connect with others via eclipse and this generous giant planet there is little doubt that other people play the most important role in your life this year. Feelings...dreams....and desires...all need to be brought into your life in more visible..and more empowering ways.

A time to change...a time to grow.
Uranus that planet of the unexpected and the erratic still remains in your house of finances and resources. Windfalls and unexpected profits are still on the menu. Don't waste any time second guessing your actions based on the 'results' of what they bring in to your life...Uranus has a way of simply doing what needs to be done and there are always...and undeniably..silver linings to any of the clouds that can move in front of the sun momentarily. if you're too busy looking at why things turned out the way they did...you just might miss some glorious cosmic treasures. Take what comes..and make the most of it.

Dreams, fantasies and reality.
Neptune remains with Uranus in the Money House, Capricorn. Making it even more important to consider your dreams...but to do them with reality firmly in grasp. Of all the signs you have the least trouble working with the 'world as it is'...and could actually use a generous dose of wish magic and miracle convictions.Well guess what? The universe has plenty of those and its ready to bring them into play. Close your eyes...and believe...the most amazing things can come true this year.

Heal me...Free Me.
From healing dreams (they were, and still are, such an important influence in your life) to healing your sense of self, your identity and your ability to express your truths....Chiron moves out of your 12th house...and into your 1st house. Amends and apologies...replays from the past and a chance to do something over are influences that generously appear through out the months ahead. Refuse to be self critical. Learn to appreciate who you are..exactly as you are.

The Past and the Future.
The north node changes partnerships in wonderful ways for the first 8 months of the year and then moves into the world of passion, truths and deep internal waters. Reconnecting with your inner self and all the desires and fantasies that live there allows you to explore a world of sensuality, passion...and power.

Below are somethings I found out about Men Capricorns...Astrology can be just for fun so reader beware)

ambition organizational skills efficency amiability pragmatism calm
spirituality internalization lucidity diplomacy demanding volunteer
spirit perseverance realism patience.
calculating temperament distrustful intransigence proud hardness
miserly social climber rigor.
Black, Dark Green, Cherry Red.
Kate Moss, Martin Luther King, Gérard Depardieu, Matisse, Kevin Costner.

CAPRICORN symbolizes the Earth, its weight, its secrets and its fatality. This
is the sign of critical discernment and mind over matter. CAPRICORNs mastery
over his emotions, and his determination get him to the goals he has fixed
for himself. But CAPRICORN also has a nasty tendency to bring everything back
to himselfThrough his intelligence he imposes respect for everything he deems
useful and necessary.


The Sign of A Capricorn

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This is for fun, it is not nessecarily true.